Mask Off

For the longest time since I can remember, I have always wanted to control every bit of my life.  When I don’t get things done my way, I become hysterical. I am one of those people who can easily get depressed and i know this yet i still let small things disturb me. So I … More Mask Off


I am afraid of letting you see the real me I cover myself with fake joy and laughter but deep down am worn out from the pain that I have experienced I am not perfect but I fear that my imperfections will send you away I hold myself back from telling you when I am … More Fear

My Bucket List

So today I gave a speech on my achievements to a whole imaginary crowd.My mirror was the centre stage and my make up kit was the audience.Sometimes I think am losing it and it doesn’t bother me.You should’ve seen me all dressed and dolled up with my comb as the mic, smiling all the way … More My Bucket List


‘Oh Tess you’re now 23…time to get your ass up, hustle, move out of your mum’s house, eat right, save and invest, settle and stop getting bored with people.You’re grown..get a life!’ My sub-conscious can be so ruthless sometimes. I think when Riley from the ‘Inside out’movie was  getting those amazing and balanced emotions ‘Joy, … More 23

The Art of Flirting

Flirting…as per the dictionary it’s just behaving as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.But according to our generation it’s behaving as though attracted to someone with very heavy sexual intentions.I have been accused not once but severally of being a big flirt.C’mon am just a journalist … More The Art of Flirting

2016 Knockout

Happy New Year y’all.If there’s anyone excited about 2017, that’d be me.Where do I even start?Well, unlike 2016, am hoping that this will be an amazing year.I’ve moved back home trying to score some huge deals with the locals, my dream of getting to the gym is being realised… not yet but will be very … More 2016 Knockout


Am I crazy? Why can’t I just leave? Your not right for me…I know… but I still do love you. I am bound to these imaginary chains you placed me into. I am beautiful,classy ,smart, sexy  but I chose you. I could have gone for the Derek Romans and Mr Moxams but am stuck here … More Bound