2587055_orig.png‘Oh Tess you’re now 23…time to get your ass up, hustle, move out of your mum’s house, eat right, save and invest, settle and stop getting bored with people.You’re grown..get a life!’ My sub-conscious can be so ruthless sometimes. I think when Riley from the ‘Inside out’movie was  getting those amazing and balanced emotions ‘Joy, sadness, disgust, fear and anger’ my head was just filled with anger and disgust.I think joy and the rest of the crew were dead by then or they just skipped by and said ‘oh well, she needs all the anger she can get.’ Poor me😥

Anyway, I turned 23 on 26th October..yes we share a birthday with Ciara and our dear president Uhuru.So it goes without saying that y’all should read this blog with so much vigour or else when I become your president you’ll carry  placards around town written ‘Nixxy is the coolest’, failure to which a heavy punishment will be bestowed on you and I mean 😉heavy.So my birthday wasn’t much of a big deal this time, just drank with my booboo..miss popcorns.Gee thanks a lot.I’ll never forget the superb surprise and for all those who remembered, this is the part I give a whole list of people who contributed to me getting an Oscar, beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, lamb, beef you name it! Honestly I don’t know where that came from.I’ve just secretly wanted to put that grandmas list on my blog for quite sometime now🙈.Beryl, B,B2, Yvette, Marsh I adore y’all so much.It was simple and relaxed which was an actual surprise to me considering I go all flamboyant on my birthday parties and make it rain like rain man.(There goes my hidden talent, rapping).

I’ve cut down on going out to clubs and shaking my ass here and there and instead I’ve come to prefer a quiet drink with an amazing friend, my boyfriend or any other interesting company. You can always juggle two things at the same time, having fun and making money through wise conversations.Dont get me wrong though, I still go clubbing but once in a while.I remember a time when I’d club from Sunday to Sunday and still make it to class at 7am on Monday.If I’d do that now I think you’d find me in the ICU fighting for my liver.It’s already destroyed, more destruction would cause system failure.

Am more focused and driven to be successful.I want to achieve so many things by 25; get married, have 10 kids, move to the Maldives, have my own private jet, get pregnant with Bey twins, tip on my chair, Rob Adele of her Grammy awards, get Ryan Gosling to be my side dish..yeah so much stuff.😂Cool down,am not that psychotic..maybe a little but not to that extent. All I want to do is make wise investments, smart business decisions and clear the path to the great future I have planned.Am starting to get a grip of what being independent means, not relying on your parents for the smallest things like getting your hair done and what having a vision of your goals mean.Because let’s be real, this is the prime time of our lives  to either build or shatter our empires.

My relationship with God has improved and now I believe that nothing is impossible. I pray for everything..every tiny detail about my life be it my health, relationship, my day, food, money and friends. I am learning that no matter what your past is, the amount of baggage and sins you’ve committed, God will always forgive you.I feel like crying right now coz I think no one has more baggage than I do.There’s a time I used to tell my cousin that am so prepared to go to hell and right now I don’t even know what hell is.Like, where is it on Google maps? God is the ultimate truth and King.Just believe and you’ll get what you ask from Him!

Finally, Nixxy, the one that thought love was stupid, just an excuse from people to make themselves feel better, is in love. On 31st of December 2016 I saw a post on IG from a guy known as Rahousmane a gif, and the words you’d screenshot would be your manifestation for 2017 and mine landed on me getting a new bae and I found him.A guy who motivates me everyday, the kind of guy who makes me happy even when I’m asleep, I don’t try to act like someone else when am around him, I think I’m more me when with him than when with my mum.Of course I can’t start telling my mum she has cute dimples or that she should get checked at mathare or I’d find myself locked up in mathare.He thinks I’m stupid.. good stupid though and he has the most amazing heart and smile.The little things he does for me even that red gift hanging on my wall, hehe, his passion about what he wants to achieve, the care and giving hand he has just makes me want to be his slave and cheerleader everyday.I’ve fallen hard and with a huge bang.There are so many things I can write about him here but am no-show off.Am just happy.Very happy. Baby wherever you are I love you so much😘.Those who are envious eat a razor(wenye wivu kuleni wembe).

23 has been great so far and as I move on, I wish to achieve more.This is my time and am not planning to ruin it by any chance.As Gaum Ja Ndi says on boys with flowers, ‘Nixxy fighting’ all the way.



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