My Bucket List

So today I gave a speech on my achievements to a whole imaginary crowd.My mirror was the centre stage and my make up kit was the audience.Sometimes I think am losing it and it doesn’t bother me.You should’ve seen me all dressed and dolled up with my comb as the mic, smiling all the way to the podium( distance from my bed and the mirror).Anyway,I won’t go deep into telling you about it  I’ll save it for the day I get to do it on a live platform in front of a huge audience.

This got me thinking though and I realized there’s so much I need to achieve by 30.Like a lot.I want a future situation where I’ll sit or make a movie with my best friend, sister or my fiancé/husband then and cross out things I’ve achieved.

So, here goes nothing:

1. Own a successful business.I want to go into the events planning business and am still struggling to establish it but I know I will succeed in it.I believe am the best and I go for what I want with everything I have.

2.Get tattoos of an eagle on my thigh and one of a music chord on my arm.These two will be the representation of everything I am about.

3.Be in reality TV show.I’d actually create mine and it’d involve all my friends and family.I face too much drama everyday and it’s not good to experience it on my own.I should share it with y’all.

4.Create a you tube video…okay maybe an account.I talk to myself a lot and am slowly being tagged as the family lunatic.So to save myself from this awkward situation I should establish a you tube account and share my stupid thoughts…haha I can see myself heading to a nut house soon(jk).

5.Sing alongside Rihanna.😍😍😍😍Okay.. I’d love to sing with her, hug her, state at her for like an hour, dine with her, maybe get married in Vegas.. I’d call myself Tess Riri..if only.

6.Dance on a bar.Like go all the way..not girls gone wild far but maybe Pussycat  Dolls far.All sexy and all eyes on me.Shaking that a**, twerking in a bath tub.Dad if you’re reading this am just kidding.

7.Learn Spanish.There’s no sexier language than spanish.I love Sofia Vergara’s accent and how sometimes she just goes all espanol on people’s asses. This might be psychotic but I wish we were colonised by Spaniards coz we’d be speaking Spanish by now.But then I’d be wishing to learn English now.Human beings😏. Anyway I want to learn it and constantly start arguments with my boyfriend just to go all espanol on him. Like ‘Eres el hombre más guapo que he conocido en mi vida’ see I already know a few words.

8.Travel far and wide. My favorite destinations are of course Hawaii, The Maldives, Paris, Seychelles and Abu Dhabi.I want to go to Notre Dame Cathedral, see the Monalisa at the Louvre and put a love lock on Pont Des Art Bridge.

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9.Cook every dish on a cook book and to be specific Kaluhi’s.She’s an amazing chef.Brilliant actually.


10.Sleep in a haunted house, attend a masquerade party, lodge at an underwater hotel and live on a tree House.

11.Ride in an Aston Martin. This is the car.Most girls love huge cars; Prados, Range Rovers, Jeeps and the like but I love small cars: Mercedes E class, Mazda, yes I think you get the picture.

12.Attend a same-sex wedding. Just to satisfy my curiosity. Maybe be a bridesmaid in one.

13.Be a member of an exclusive club.

14. Be featured in an award-winning Film.I’ll be the dead girl an Jennifer Lawrence, Tistin Mays, Chris Hemsworth and Boris Kodjoe are the detectives investigating the cause of my death.

15. Build a shelter for street kids, start a charity and build a large theatre.

16. Go on a private cruise and travel on a private jet or chopper.

17. Walk on the red carpet of an exquisite event.Wearing the perfect designer gown, amazing shoes, lustrous jewellery and buoyant hair.

18.Have an hour-glass figure.This has been one challenge but am slowly working on it.Clearly the Kardashians are changing people’s lives.I’ve been watching ‘Revenge Body with Khloe’ and girl! She looks fabulous.If I was to compare her to when she was 23 and now at 32, major upgrade.

19.Be on a cover of a magazine.I actually want to publish a magazine and I will.

20. Date Trey Songz for a day or a week maybe and do crazy stuff together like hug the Hollywood sign, go to an aquarium, make funny Snapchat videos, take lots and lots of selfies of me touching his chest and abs, partying in Vegas and at the playboy mansion.Yes we could do all that in a week.

I have a huge list but I won’t mention all of them. I know some are outrageous but what’s a bucket list if not wanting to achieve the unachievable.I like to believe that nothing is impossible. Rihanna might be my next best friend soon who knows.All we need to do is learn to soar high like an eagle and dust yourself up when you fall.


So what’s yours?




  1. Sartenada · March 10, 2017

    Learn Spanish. It is cool language. I use it in my blog also. Spanish is pronounced in different way, depending where it is spoken. I love Spanish spoken in Chile because their pronunciation is very clear.

    Happy blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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