The Ideal Guy

It’s that time of the month when it’s raining cats and dogs and for all the single ladies and lads out there it’s one cold season. You keep moving thinking of how you’d want some bit of warmth in your bed. It’s that time when you hear someone whistling in the background you’ll be like… … More The Ideal Guy

Generation 3.0

It’s 2016. Women are empowered.We can do anything a man can do. We make very good presidents. Just look at the Liberian queen Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, not overlooking the likes of our own Amina Mohammed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs. I admire these two. They’re the real definition of strong women. But forget about  empowerment. Today … More Generation 3.0


I remember when I was young I envisioned myself as a great news anchor.My role model at the time was Julie Gichuru. I have always been good at languages both English and Swahili;my mother tongue, well I think I cleared that part in my earlier posts.But in case you missed it, boarding schools did me … More Lost

Faded Romance

Falling in love…isn’t it the best feeling on earth? The day that guy whose been checking you out decides to sum up all his courage so as to ask you out or get your number. Sometimes it’s just hilarious.The kind of lies you’ll be told so that you can cave.I remember a guy asking me … More Faded Romance

Sexual equality

 “Patricia, what would you do if you found out your husband was cheating on you?”John asked me with his blue eyes fixed on me anxiously waiting for me to reply this absurd question. Of course I’d leave the damn fool but then again, was that always the right decision? “I’d cheat on him too,”Yvonne quickly … More Sexual equality

Seven types of women

Women are a gem. I don’t think any man can live without one, apart from those who prefer the latter of course but women are the backbone of every society. We bear presidents, celebrities, thieves and the sundry. Yes, thieves were also conceived and I like to think a world without controversial people like thieves, … More Seven types of women


  Another article about music and this time, am not giving a long story on how I used to be musician. I kind of thought I’d share my favorite playlist in terms of ‘Music that gets my groove on’. Yes music that would make me pretend to be like those chics on Neyo’s and Juicy … More Aphrodisiac

The Third Generation

What would be your kind of special night? The kind of night that you would be with that special someone and enjoy each others’ company? A friend of mine asked me a question sometime back that got me thinking about how in today’s world people don’t really think about those small things that make your … More The Third Generation