The Art of Flirting

lovely-smile1Flirting…as per the dictionary it’s just behaving as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.But according to our generation it’s behaving as though attracted to someone with very heavy sexual intentions.I have been accused not once but severally of being a big flirt.C’mon am just a journalist who loves interacting with people and most times it’s a bit too much I agree but it’s mostly harmless conversations with NO hidden intentions.Am a black and white kind of person.

I can’t count the guys I’ve flirted with and then later invited for a date or dinner with the aim of bagging this hot babe only for me to shut them down harshly. Well, that’s usually once in a while.Most times I’m always the one who makes suggestive suggestions to only get you to do what I want.😜

‘Are you home today?’ that according to me means do you have food or something coz I’m broke and I need some place I can crush.You’re my food bae and I know you love and can’t at one point miss a plate of ready made food. You also love random hook-ups so I’ll come eat and give you nonsensical gossip about some hot girl,even show you her pictures and give you a blocked number then I’ll  insist that the girl has been eyeing you for a while now.You’ll be impressed..duh!..and you’ll probably offer to give me some take away snacks and gladly invite me to dinner the next day which will involve you cooking chicken and me coming with the pretty lady who I’ll come with by the way,I always have a backup plan but she will eventually make you her food bae too.

‘So what are you up to? In need of company?’ Always decipher that to…she needs a place to just relax, drink and dance. At this point am exhausted and I know you have a bottle of good whiskey in your cabinet so I can drink as much as I want.You can also insist on going out so that’s a huge plus. You’re my partying boyfriend.We can tell guys we’re dating but you’ll never get a kiss from me.A peck maybe🙊🙊. You’ll try severally to lure me back to your place but I’ll always insist on going back to my place of which you’ll be fed up by my nagging and you’ll drop me home.

‘Am home it’s very cold.Do you have any movies we can watch?’ Am lazy.I don’t want to step out and go buy food and a movie to keep me busy.You will come… obviously with some movies like four or five and along the way I’ll send you a by the way text begging you to buy me food too so that ‘we’ can cook and I’ll probably pay you later.😇You’ll come expecting to have a Netflix and chill kinda time only to find me in the ugliest pajamas, a odd colored turban and some rainbow socks.I am also a bit sick and keep blowing my running nose in seconds.

I’m mean, I know but you make it too easy. Don’t read too much into girls statements or you’ll be disappointed. Sometimes we just use our feminism to get what we want..okay scratch that.We always use our feminism to get what we want, which we always get but don’t be fooled.

Nevertheless, sometimes we can flirt with guys because we want them, or he’s cute and we always want to be around him.But you will know when the flirting is righteous if there are…some fake laughs even though you’re not funny.A few stares and winks, some you’re welcome for tea at my place. Plenty of smileys and blown kisses on texts. The constant need to know every tiny detail about you especially your love life.Touching, even what seems like an accidental touch.Or the picking something up together(movies lie).We drop something intentionally then when you’re about to pick it up we also pretend to be picking it so our hands can meet of which only painful headbangs are the result of the carefully schemed plan.Haha.Ive been a victim of this.

All in all I think if you want something from someone be direct.Going around the bush is just stupid really.If you like someone tell them so that if you’ll be disappointed at least it’ll be at an early stage.If you want to date them be vocal or chatty whether you get a yes or no atleast you’ll have gotten something of your chest.


What’s the weirdest flirting vibe you’ve gotten from someone?

Cheers and may you have an amazing week.


The Kind Of Man I Want To Get Married To

img_20170108_203952Just the other day, my mum went ahead to ask me an outrageous question and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. ‘So when are we meeting your boyfriend?’ she asked. ‘ You know Mercy got married the other day in a spectacular wedding ceremony and some women from my chama were asking when they’d attend yours. Mary’s mum said she’s been seeing you around town with some guy…,’she continued. First of all, I am very single, though there are potential boyfriends out there so there is no one to introduce to my family at the moment. Secondly,I don’t understand how it’s anyone’s business when I get married, who I get married to and how I get married. Lastly, am I under surveillance? I can’t just walk freely in town holding someone’s hand or even smiling at some guy without some birdy running to give my mum the headlines. I make headlines,I know, I am an amazing source of news but please would people just mind their own business?!

Anyway, before I start ranting about this awful behavior, let me get back to the topic of the day.So I started dating when I was 19 and to be honest all through I haven’t thought of  getting hitched to any of the guys I’ve dated.I’ve only dated four guys,so my experience might be a little green but I should’ve at least wanted to get married to one of them . I know you’re like, ‘ Bitch please, go lie to the Maasais at your place,'( whoever came up with that saying should be sued by the way) I mean almost every girl has planned all the details of their weddings probably even drawn their future husbands,but I have not been about that life. My parents got divorced when I was about 10. I know this is a bit of a cliché, blaming your problems on your childhood experiences but oh well, sometimes that is just the basis of most of your problems. I saw my parents struggle to hold on to their marriage but at some point they gave up. The fights, constant arguments, the awkward silence that followed after their heated fights, it was all a bit too much. I had always wondered for quite along time why they separated but with time I came to understand that sometimes some things are better let go than holding on to,yet you just keep getting hurt. Today we live like the Kardashians ( Me,mother and my two sisters) and we’re happy.So why on earth would I want to get  married?

I remember asking my mum that question and the look that I got  could trigger a deadly earthquake. I think I even peed on myself a little. My mother has a habit of scaring the living daylights out of someone with just a mere look.

‘You know just because your dad and I didn’t work doesn’t mean marriage is a terrible idea. You just have to be with someone you’re compatible with and one who makes you happy at all times. It’s challenging but you have to be patient and understanding so as to get through. It’s no exam.’

After nights and days of meditation and internalizing my mum’s advice,I slowly started getting a hang of this marriage idea. So what kind of man would I want to spend the rest of my life with? I don’t want to be with someone who I’ll later come to loathe and treat like garbage or ghost him( you can’t ghost someone you’re married to but I think I’d come up with a way to do so).Not to toot my own horn, but am that creative. It’s not such a bad idea to have an amazing companion with you for remaining days of you life or is it? So here goes my own definition of my  perfect future husband.I still can’t imagine I managed to write this.

1. A man who fears, respects, believes and praises God. There’s nothing sexy than a man who honors the Lord and accounts on Him for Everything in his life.Hell I don’t want to be anyone’s first and real love. I don’t want to be anyone’s only love. His first and only true love should be The Almighty. Then me of course😉😘.

2. A faithful and loyal man. I don’t condone cheating and I’ve not been one to believe that a man is allowed to cheat. It’s not in his nature. I don’t even know who came up with such an absurd statement.Unless you’re like a dog and you just allow your nose to pick up any aroma and you follow it blindly. A real man will honor his wife and stick by her side no matter what. If you want me to look like Kim Kardashian let’s work on that. I can go to the gym, I can do squats and make my booty pop like hers but don’t go cheating on me with them other bitches and then come back crying and apologising for your mistakes.

3. I won’t lie and say money doesn’t matter to me because it does. We won’t survive on love alone. That’s common sense.And I don’t mean that you have to own half of Kenya or own ranches in Nanyuki for me to fall in love with you. I am not that materialistic. A man who knows what he wants and is ambitious enough to work hard towards achieving that, is perfect. I want someone whom we can build an empire together. It doesn’t matter if we’re starting from scratch or meeting each other half-way as long as we’re both focused towards making the best out of our lives, then I am satisfied.

4. Romantic, loving, caring and understanding. I don’t want a boring man. Date nights, some flowers, gifts, some few surprises would go a long way to making me a happy wife.Haha. Happy wife, happy life; one of my favorite sayings now. It doesn’t have to be exaggerated, something simple but thoughtful is enough. A man who will unconditionally love me despite my flaws, which are many by the way.

5. Looks don’t really matter, I’ll turn my man into my own Boris Kodjoe. Zari married Diamond and they’re happy. Money turns beasts into princes these days.😍

I can keep on writing a long list outlining the characteristics of the man I want but the most important aspect of any relationship is being happy with each other. People get married for all the wrong reasons…’ wacha nililie kwa range rover’ they say,then after four months the guy takes his range Rover to some other woman and because you were dumb enough to think that he had fallen deeply in love with you,  you didn’t get the chance to invest in anything and so you go back to your ex shamelessly begging for forgiveness.

No matter what your reasons are, be sure to be content with the decisions you make. Put your happiness first! 


Be sure to comment on this post and give your opinion and feedback.I will highly appreciate it.You can also share your own ideas of the man/woman you’d want to marry and other topics you’d want me to write about..Thanks.

2016 Knockout

bitmoji-20170102104528Happy New Year y’all.If there’s anyone excited about 2017, that’d be me.Where do I even start?Well, unlike 2016, am hoping that this will be an amazing year.I’ve moved back home trying to score some huge deals with the locals, my dream of getting to the gym is being realised… not yet but will be very soon, and by soon I mean before February.😃Yes Edwin, Brian and Joanne you’d better believe it. I am positive about 2017 and especially in regards to my career.

Needless to say,2016 was the most frustrating year of my life.It was like a clingy psychotic ex. You know the kind of people who don’t let go easily. I wanted the year to end even before it had reached puberty (August) . First and foremost I didn’t graduate due to missing marks. It was hard seeing my friends in those gowns and happy because they were done with this ‘Matiangied’ system. I got past it though and at least now I’ve cleared and am ready to graduate by the end of the year. I am just glad I won’t be around to wait for Matiangi’s attack on campuses.Soon the harambee system of passing all exams in campus will be a thing of the past. Considering the number of students that are being admitted, one will have a personal invigilator during all examinations.

In terms of love, relationships, I failed terribly. Proudly scored a Y in that sector. Got infatuated with the wrong guy. I live by the truth and truth be told, there was no love in that so called relationship. A vacation here, some presents here, continuous flow of dinners and dates and I thought I’d at least try it out. Major lesson learnt. Don’t force a connection because water and oil will never mix. I’d be with someone who despite lacking means goes out of his way to make me happy. Whoever lied to guys that money is all we see should be hanged.Girls are different though and don misquote me.Cash is important.Anyway,that aside, I’ve moved on and am currently enjoying my freedom. Being single is amazing. Am meeting new people, friend-zoning and bro-zoning many and having secret admiration for some.😊

I lost friends and learnt to trust less. Not every human you call your friend has the best intention. If they were offered a million dollars they’d gladly sell you out to the highest bidder without a blink. I’ve lived by the truth of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. I’m armored now.Ready for the bullshit and empty blows you keep throwing at me.My skin is thick.In any case;(replace man with friend and ex means ex-friend)

I lost money, got sick, lost touch with God, story for another day, and made unforgettable mistakes. All in all, the lessons I learnt in 2016 have moulded me into a braver, wiser and more beautiful lady. Am ready for the blows this year might have in store for me but the most important lesson I’ve learnt is that God will always have your back no matter how many times you make Him angry.He doesn’t tire. Secondly, I’ve learnt to be positive.Nothing is impossible.I can move a mountain through word of mouth.All I need is to believe. Less I forget, remember, your tongue will always be the most powerful tool you can have.It can destroy a nation in two seconds. So use it to gain yourself the mountains you need.

I wish you all the best this year and may all you desires be fulfilled.

I am also accepting suggestions of articles you’d want me to write about.





Am I crazy? Why can’t I just leave? You’re not right for me…I know… but I still do love you. I am bound to these imaginary chains you placed me into. I am beautiful, classy, smart, and sexy but I chose you. I could have gone for the Derek Romans and Mr. Moxams but am stuck here with you. My mama told me to be wary of men like you who will crush me like a sparrow leaving me to never mend. You vowed to love me and never leave, but I guess words of men are just that…empty words.

It was one cold night. I had just lost my friend in an accident. I was down. Too scared, vowing to die and follow her to the gates of heaven. I was a vulnerable kitten to you, and that’s when your hyena ways took charge. Your smile, that coy smile, those warm and strong arms, not forgetting your calculated words lured me out of this misery. You gave me a shoulder to lean on. I was not the type that opened up to a stranger but my words and tears came trickling down like a waterfall. You were my savior; the long-awaited Knight.

You were funny; my fellow Blondie. Remember you thought that Tupac Shakur was two different people: Tupac and his cousin Shakur and that Tupac meant ‘Two People against Christ. Haha…Only you would come up with such absurd names. You rocked my world. I was happier than I’d ever been. Maybe Shania had sent you as her parting gift to me. I was hooked. Call it witchcraft. I didn’t care. I’d die for you. Hell, I’d cheat death just to be with you forever.

You swept me off my feet. Mr. Romantic was your middle name. The dinners, the surprise dates at Villa Rosa Kibandskis, the spontaneous road trips to Rongai and back. It was always a crazy moment with you. I wasn’t looking for love, but I found you, though hopeless we made it hopeful. My friends and family were all amazed by you. ‘Marry this guy. He is the best guy you have ever dated. If you guys break up, it’ll be your fault’, they said. I couldn’t help but laugh. Somehow I thought they were right.

Four months and you started becoming cold. Fewer kisses, fewer calls, fewer dates, less talking. You were distant. Whenever I visited, you’d find fault in anything. I tried. God knows I tried to understand whatever was happening in your life. I stood by you no matter how bad you treated me. And when you almost lost everything, I took your hand and gave you the strength I had to pull you through, but I guess that wasn’t enough. You wanted more. Better than me. I wasn’t woman enough for you. Funny thing is I couldn’t take a hint. Stupidly, I just stuck around, cleaning your house, making you breakfast and dinner, paying your bills; while you loitered around with all the Marys, Brits and Cathys out there.

Friday, 10/11/2016. This was when it all went dark. I remember it like it was yesterday. I struggled to get up after the huge blow you landed on my face. You were in a drunken stupor. I was shocked yet still not surprised that you’d hit me. I had always vowed not to allow any man to hit me. I almost packed my things and left but you begged, and I listened. They say fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice, shame on me. I guess the shame was on me because it didn’t take you long to gift me with another massive blow; the only difference was that you were sober. I’ve always believed that domestic violence was a state that one had been used to and allowed it to happen again and again. Well, if I was trying to test my theory, I guess then I was right.

It took me thirty stitches, two broken arms and two black eyes to leave you. My family still thinks it’s my fault. To them, you’re an angel. I mean, how can a man who brings us presents, bought us a house, paid your sibling’s fees to be at fault. Yes, money talks. I believe that now. All I ever wanted was for you to love me, care for me and be my shoulder like you were. Where did the glittered gold go to? Rumour has it that you moved on and found yourself another victim. Guess you have a type: the vulnerable. Though I wish you the best, I hope she gives you what I couldn’t offer: stubbornness, hatred, don’t care attitude whatever negative adjective you’d think of. In any case, why should you be happy? You deserve to be miserable.

I am hurt. I cried. My eyes are swollen, and I’m afraid I can’t gather enough strength to pull through. I have tried to forget about you. I even tried those white people things, retreats, and yoga but I can’t seem to hate you like I should. Don’t get me wrong. I hate you, but deep down am trying to sugar-coat the love I will always feel for you. You were my true love. Even now as I’m writing this while my stomach turns due to the poison I just took, I wish I could see your face one more time and kiss you. I am done trying to live without you. I am dead inside. I will always love you pudding…

I guess the only lesson I learned, in the end, was that love, is foolish!

Inspired by Little Sparrow-Dolly Parton


The Ideal Guy

It’s that time of the month when it’s raining cats and dogs and for all the single ladies and lads out there it’s one cold season. You keep moving thinking of how you’d want some bit of warmth in your bed. It’s that time when you hear someone whistling in the background you’ll be like…
“Are you talking to me?” only to realize it’s a mkokoteni guy asking you to move out-of-the-way and you blame this cold for making you too vulnerable.Tough times huh? Don’t worry this post will solve some of your problems though it’s just through sight nothing much. As they say, nowadays ‘tunashiba kwa kula kwa macho’

I’ve just been thinking about people’s definition of their ideal man. Like who’s that almost-perfect guy that’d you want because let’s face it, there’s no perfect guy in the world. I remember back in high school we would always have a fantasy session where we’d talk about the guys we want. Everyone wanted the ‘TDH’ kind of man.’He has to be tall, dark and handsome’ the light-skinned girls would mumble and light tall ravishing guys for the black beauties. Less I forget, he had to be a bad boy. You know that kind of guy you want but can’t tame him since he is a ladies man, always getting in trouble in school for beating up some humble guy from the rural areas or getting caught ‘having’ a girl in his cubicle.

That was pure stupidity! I mean, those are the type of guys that are junkies right now. He either got too much weed and cocaine in his system and he looks like someone’s grand-dad right now or he has some weird sexually transmitted infection and he’s wasting away like a piece of garbage. Those that are healthy are beating their wives to a pulp and because the wives think they can’t get someone better, they’re stuck there with this excuse of a man. I don’t blame them though, who am I kidding. If you don’t really value yourself and keep letting a man hit you all the time then who is he to know your worth. You’re his punching bag. The blows will keep coming. ‘Left’ that relationship as soon as possible mami.

I rant a lot I know. Sometimes I just can’t help it. Let’s get back to talking about our ideal men. We are all different and one lady’s poison is another’s meat. I’ve been checking out the internet and browsing the definition of a perfect guy according to people’s culture and some of the results were horrendous. Well some were appealing. Very appealing *installs coy thirsty smiles* You’d be surprised with the kind of men various African communities believe to be their dream guys. For example, The Dinka community in Sudan. They get V-shaped carvings on their faces to mark their transition into adulthood. Mind you you’re not supposed to shed a tear throughout this process and they use a very hot knife. Like if you score this dude you’re the ultimate queen of the land, that is if he didn’t cry. There is no room to be a Rumpelstiltskin[coward.

dinkaAnother community are the Papua  in New Guinea who go through a skin scarring process  that covers their backs and arms for their tribesmen. So this process takes almost weeks and one goes through public humiliation and they use razors to cut their bodies. Just try to humiliate me when cutting my body. I’d Al Shabaab your ass.

sepik_scarring_like_croc1335914709434For the civilized men, perfection varies. While some men are going through various plastic surgeries to make themselves hot, like getting fake butt cheeks; I understand a guy with an ass looks good sometimes, but no one demands you to have one. Girls need an ass: societal demands. Anyway as that green frog on social media says, ‘That’s none of my business. Moving on, while others are getting their noses and chins fixed, Kenyan girls seem to be looking out for guys who are endowed in other departments.  Looks for who? Sometime back Huddah Monroe snap chatted about her friend who had a new guy and she was being secretive about the guy. So Huddah was wondering whether the guy in question got this damsel hooked due to his money or his dick size. I remember laughing my ass out.

The modern-day woman standards are crazy. But let’s face it. If you ain’t got money or some very good dick then you’re at a loss. Sometime back you had to choose a struggle. You either be ugly and be very wealthy or you just be hot and at least have an ambition. Now it’s either you have money or a good dick. Haha. I wonder what the struggle will be in 2020. I can’t even try to guess. I pity you guys. At least our standards are mostly about beauty. Though that’s being thick. There’s more to a woman than her beauty.

We all have our preference in men but I believe if you want a guy who is going to stay then his morals should surpass everything else. What’s the use of being with someone who is very delicious looking and he is a drug addict, a serial cheater who will infect you with unbelievable diseases or very violent? Or being with one who has lot’s of money but he doesn’t give you the respect you deserve and you don’t even feel any ounce of remorse towards him and you end up being miserable for the rest of your life?  Money is key true, but if you value being happy work hard and build your own empire. The road to success is hard, I’ve been there. Am actually there. Getting a job is quite a task and sometimes you think a sponsor will solve everything but they solve very little and if you’re one of those chics that have a very strong conscious, it will eat you up and the guilt will kill you. That money is isn’t just handed over, these men are not a charity. One way or another you will always pay for it.Enough said.

So who is your ideal guy?

As I promised the thirst nation though, I have some few pictures of delicious guys just to feed you hunger. If these guys don’t quench your thirst, I don’t know what will.

You can also watch a video of the perfect man around the world by clicking the link below.


Generation 3.0

impressive-collection-of-matching-shoes-and-clutch-ideas-for-fashionable-women-14It’s 2016. Women are empowered.We can do anything a man can do. We make very good presidents. Just look at the Liberian queen Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, not overlooking the likes of our own Amina Mohammed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs. I admire these two. They’re the real definition of strong women. But forget about  empowerment. Today I’ll talk about our ‘seemed to be forgotten’ responsibilities.

I met one hilarious guy some days ago and he had a lot to say about the modern woman.The type of woman who retains her curves at 40. She drives her own BMW. She doesn’t need a man but due to society demands she has no other option but to get hitched.

Don’t misquote me but it seems we have focused all our attention on making money and forgotten our roles.I am all about making good cash and shoving my success up all the haters a**es but we need to step back and think.This guy was telling me about his friend who married this beautiful lady, curves for days, perfect skin colour, neatly arranged teeth, flawless legs.She was the epitome of beauty. The guys envied him for having scored a ‘fine babe ooo.’

So he rushed into making her a wife.A six million wedding; wedding of the year. I mean Prince Harry and his wife Kate’s wedding was nothing compared to this one. The honeymoon; the Maldives, Seychelles courtesy of The Constance hotels. Need to say much, it was a grand union.

So as expected they moved in together. It had not been two weeks and already this guy was frustrated.Apparently ‘le wife’s ‘ cooking was pathetic. She swore she could cook.Martha Stewart had nothing on her. Sugar, spice, more spice and the food was a disaster. You know that moment when you eat food just to make someone happy but deep down you wish the pizza man would just get chased by a dog and he’d come looking for solace into your house with that large Hawaiian order. Hehe this was his reality. To add more salt to the injury, she couldn’t clean the utensils. She stacked the dirty dishes in a corner. The house looked like a pig sty. Okay maybe I did exaggerate a bit. Thing is she was dirty.

After putting up with the dirt for a month he packed up all her things including her dirty dishes and trash and took her back home. No amount of begging by her mum could change his mind. He was fed up. Poor guy, if only he’d given the girl an ‘internship’ before marrying her. Imagine being sent back home with dirty sufurias. It doesn’t take a professional course to know how to scrub a sufuria. These are basics!

You know it’s not an old-fashioned thing to take care of your home, learn to cook for your man, do a ‘lil sth sth’ here and there. Personally I hate washing clothes. Lord knows I try though sometimes I just can’t take it but if I get the spirit to do so it’s done thoroughly. It’s not fair but it’s our duty. That’s why we run this world👸!




imagesI remember when I was young I envisioned myself as a great news anchor.My role model at the time was Julie Gichuru. I have always been good at languages both English and Swahili;my mother tongue, well I think I cleared that part in my earlier posts.But in case you missed it, boarding schools did me no justice, thus I genuinely forgot how to fluently speak Kikuyu.

So back to my story. I was a top student in primary. I attended two schools;St Christopher’s and Mary Immaculate Academy. When at St Christopher’s I didn’t miss out on the prestigious air rides that were gifted to the top three students in each class.Things were pretty smooth then until I got to join Mary Immaculate Academy Nyeri. Suddenly my grades took a huge turn.From a top student to the bottom twenty. I got disappointed and owed to work hard and regain my glory.It didn’t take much time.By the time I was in class seven I was among the brightest students in school.

Whoever stated that the tongue is a powerful instrument was truly a wise man. I prophesied that I’d attend Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School. I actually dreamt that I’d be in a green skirt. Well, my prophesy came to pass despite having promised my teachers that I’d get 472 marks and hopefully join Alliance Girls.

I struggled to be great at Ngandu.Maths and Sciences were not my cup of tea.I hated Biology, showed a bit of interest in humanities and fell deeply in love with English(literature) and Swahili(Fasihi). Utengano was my favorite.I’d tell you who said what,the page that paragraph was and even what line it was.I was that good.KCSE papers came and I scored a respectable grade.

This time I prophesied I’d attend Multimedia University undertaking a course in Mass Communication.Well you know what happened.I passed with flying colours in first year even though I rarely attended classes.Second year was quite hectic but I managed to pull through.This is the time you discover you need to at least having a boyfriend but things don’t go as you wished.Third year, projects became my reality.I chose to major in broadcast journalism and if you think being a news anchor is all about beauty and eloquence, my friend you need a check up.I believe I am a certified broadcast journalism engineer if there’s something like that.

Well, four years are done.I am currently looking for a job.Any job that’ll help me earn some capital to cater for my needs.I want to study music production but I’m still not sure. Social media marketing is also on my mind.I have been to offices even hotels requesting to be a receptionist but nothing seems to work out.Every company needs someone with experience.Where do people get experience though if you can’t get a job?The pressure is becoming a bit too much.I have tried asking for help but you know how family members start getting concerned about you when they realise you’re struggling.They start pretending that they can help you out then they disappear I bet laughing at your misery.

I feel is lost.Where am I headed? What next? I need to be independent.I want to work.But where do I even start?I watched Anita Nderu’s speech at The Blaze Summit at Thika and she said you should work with a purpose.Do something you’re really passionate about.I love writing and everything about music and all I want to do is make this world a better place through music but I don’t know where to start.Am I the only one that feels like this? Why does life have to be too hard? Sometimes I wish I’d be a kid again.No responsibilities, no worries.